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Haymaker Coffee only roasts top-quality, specialty-grade coffee beans, resulting in brews that satisfy those who demand every drop from their coffee and their day. If you work hard, run hard, fight hard and play hard, we have your coffee right here.


We’re the Haymaker team, and we know firsthand that the American Dream is alive and well, but it’s not easy. And without a great cup of coffee, it’s damn near impossible. We know this because—pardon our French Vanilla—we’ve worked our asses off to get here, and we still have a long way to go.

Growing up as first and second-generation American immigrants, we’ve scratched and clawed for every inch of progress we’ve made. From learning a new language as children, to working numerous minimum-wage jobs, to working our way up the ladder, we never needed any handouts or shortcuts—just a strong cup of coffee and a relentless nature. So we started this small business with family and friends to make great coffee for people like us. People who dream, hustle, and persevere to achieve their version of the American Dream. People who savor every sip of the grind, drinking it in like sunshine that’s made from specialty-grade coffee beans, then roasted the hard way in a 100+ year-old historic roaster, right here in the USA.

But we aren’t only here to fuel the next American success story—we’re here to take genuine interest in your journey. We’re here to build a coalition of like-minded, hardworking people who can share in each other’s success. We’re here to hear your stories, collaborate, and make a tangible difference in both our local Jacksonville community AND the wider community connected by Haymaker’s never-give-up mindset.

The American Dream takes many shapes and forms. But its road is paved with gallons of midnight oil, buckets of elbow grease, cans full of can-do attitudes, and cups upon cups of great coffee. Despite what some say, this is still the land of opportunity. So when the odds seem stacked against you, and you’ve heard it all from the naysayers, grab life by the beans and show them nothing stops a Haymaker.

So what are you waiting for? Pour up a cup of coffee and go achieve your American Dream!

Our Core Values

  • We believe in damn good coffee.

    Coffee should work as hard as we do. We make sure the coffees we offer are the best we can roast.

  • We make our own rules.

    Some rules were meant to be broken. We question the status quo and always choose action when it needs to get done.

  • We respect the grind.

    It takes determination to make hay every day. We celebrate the relentless, adventurous spirit of those paving their own way one coffee cup at a time.

  • We don’t make excuses.

    Anything worth having requires work. We refuse to settle for anything less than what we’ve earned.

  • We don’t give up.

    We’re determined to roast the best coffee beans to fuel the toughest of journeys. It’s not supposed to be easy. It’s supposed to be worth it.