And in this corner... Heavyweight Dark Roast Blend

And in this corner... Middleweight Medium Roast Blend

And in this corner... Featherweight Light Roast Blend

And in this corner... Prizefighter Bourbon Roast

And in this corner... Heavyweight Dark Roast Blend

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Hustlers like you need the right ammunition to get you through the day. Choose your perfect fuel in one of our proprietary blends.

Heavyweight 10 K-Cup® Pods

Heavyweight 10 K-Cup® Pods

Dark Roast
Get bold coffee in a tiny package that packs a punch.


Medium Roast
Our middleweight class that’s buff-bodied and balanced.


Dark Roast
Our heavyweight champion that’s strong and smooth.


Bourbon Roast
Bourbon barrel aged for flavor that never quits.
100% Arabica Beans

We use the best beans because you deserve more than standard coffee.

Bold, Smooth taste

Perfectly balanced flavor that tastes great black (or however you like it).

Roasted in the U.S.A.

Chasing the American Dream while they're asleep dreaming.

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Make Hay, Not Excuses.

For us, Haymaker is more than just coffee. It's a belief that there's opportunity everywhere you look. That underdogs and opportunity-seekers need to make hay all day, every day. And to keep them up for the challenge, they need coffee that packs a punch. That's why we make good, quality blends to fuel your dream-because we know that dream won't chase itself.

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