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    Want great coffee every time? Keep your Haymaker coffee fresher for longer in this Airscape® stainless steel coffee storage canister. The patented lid design uses Airscape® technology to actively remove and lock out air to protect freshness and flavor, and the sturdy, stainless-steel canister keeps your coffee looking as good as it tastes. It’s everything you need to keep your beans fresh for consistently good coffee whenever you need it.

    • 7" tall x 5", 64 oz. diameter food safe canister
    • Holds 1 pound of coffee or dry goods
    • Made of stainless steel that is stain resistant
    • Canister is BPA free, food safe and airtight
    • Matte design features Haymaker logo
    • Hand wash is recommended to avoid scratching and chipping

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    Airscape ® Technologies features a patented plunger lid designed to fit snugly against the inside of the canister. As the Airscape® lid is pressed down, the oxygen is forced out through a two-way valve. Once the plunger is directly above the contents, flip the handle down to prevent further oxygen exchange & dramatically increase the shelf life of your stored goods


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    • Great product for the coffee enthusiast

      Great product for the coffee enthusiast

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      This product keeps my coffee fresh much long then leaving it in the coffee bag or ziplock. This is a must for those who crave fresh coffee.