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    Our black ceramic mug is a great addition for coffee lovers both at home and at the office. The combination of black matte ceramic with metallic ink makes it sleek, smooth and sturdy - making it an essential coffee companion. With its versatile look, this mug is the perfect accessory that can change up any coffee-drinking session with family, colleagues or even just for yourself! It's time to upgrade your coffee ritual with a stylish and reliable companion. Get your black ceramic mug today and bring coffee time to the next level!

    Specialty Grade Arabica Beans


    Bold, Smooth Roasts


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    John A

    Awesome People and Great coffee. I've tried so many other "popular" companies and after tasting their bourbon roast I can't go back to anything else. Pairs really well to my cigar collection. Never have to add anything to it to enhance the taste, best when it's straight. Thank you for the great customer service!


    As a former Seattlelite I was raised to adore coffee. I have searched for decades for the perfect cup and Haymaker is it. Smooth, strong, and full-bodied, this coffee has it all. My husband said it was the best cup of coffee he'd had in his whole life, so I know I'm not alone in this assessment.

    Cynthia T

    We're a Haymaker family and look forward to monthly deliveries and special releases!

    Sam B

    This coffee satisfies all my finicky coffee drinkers. Its bold enough for those who like strong coffee, but not too bold for people who like to add flavors to their coffee. Haymaker Coffee packs just the right amount of punch to satisfy all my coffee drinking friends and family!