Light Vs. Dark Roast Coffee

As a coffee drinker, you probably know what type of roast you prefer. Heck, you probably refuse to drink anything else. We get that. That’s why we’ve developed different roast profiles for different coffee drinkers. All our coffee products are made from a proprietary blend of premium beans from Central and South America. Whichever Haymaker roast you choose, you’ll enjoy 100% Arabica beans roasted right here in the U.S.A. But if they are all cut from the same cloth, what makes Haymaker roasts taste different?

Light Roast Coffee

Light roast coffees are a lighter option for coffee drinkers looking for something simple but flavorful. Often called Half City or New England, light roasts have high acidity and a brighter flavor profile. At Haymaker, our Featherweight Roast has a sweet and simple flavor that's perfect for waking you up. In fact, it’s specially crafted to provide a smooth but bold taste that doesn’t need any fancy stuff (unless you prefer some add-ons).

Dark Roast Coffee

Dark roasts are made from beans that have either been roasted at a higher temperature, for a longer time, or both. These beans typically have less acidity – but they also can have a deeper, richer flavor. You may hear them referred to as French or Italian roasts because of the origin of the specific roasting method used. Some brands’ dark roasts can taste bitter due to roast temperature, but we were able to remove the bitterness and keep the low acidity in our full-bodied Haymaker Heavyweight. Our dark roast also doubles as a mean cold brew if that's your thing!

Debunking Caffeine Myths

Is dark roast coffee stronger than a light roast? While dark roast usually gets associated with higher caffeine levels, light roasted coffee beans actually have higher levels of caffeine, if ever so slightly. Many brands rely on supplementing their Arabica beans with Robusta beans which contain twice the caffeine content but also produce a bitter taste profile. A simple fact to keep in mind: more coffee beans mean more caffeine. If you want to enjoy any roast but need more of a caffeine hit, consider increasing the size of your scoop. Just don’t go overboard!

Before buying light or dark roast, here’s what you should know:

Now the big question: should you buy light or dark roast? That all depends on your taste and brewing style preferences as well as the type of coffee machine you use. When it comes to flavor, light roasted beans tend to produce a more nuanced flavor, while dark roasted beans usually produce more pronounced or bold notes.

Now, let’s consider your brewing method. If you’re a fan of drip or espresso, there is a distinct difference in the beans you should use. Drip or pour over can support any roast profile but highlights the aromas and fragrance of light roast extremely well, while espresso roasts are generally on the dark end of the roast spectrum. For cold brew, the process will mute the natural acidity of light roast beans and affect the flavor. Instead, opt for a darker roast to obtain a rich flavor. Make sure to check the settings on your coffee machine to determine the optimal strength level when preparing your delicious cup of coffee.

Different people like different roasts – whichever you pick, it should taste smooth and rich – and definitely not stale. At Haymaker Coffee, we pride ourselves on a very selective process to ensure all of our roasts are made with specialty grade Arabica beans, mixed in with American grit and a lot of hustle. Our roasters have more than 40 years of combined coffee experience, resulting in some seriously good coffee. Our high-quality Haymaker roasts will fuel you day-in and day-out, with no excuses!