We’re Giving Thanks (And Coffee) to Teachers!

We know every day is a hustle, whether you’re making deals in an office or serving meals behind a counter. And no one hustles harder than teachers. Our founders have a big heart for education and those working hard every day to help shape the minds of our kids. This week we had the opportunity to show our support by kicking off our partnership with Jacksonville, FL area schools.

Why Teachers?

Our founders, Eun, Sang and Simon, have the utmost respect for all educators and know the importance and significance of the positive impact teachers can have on a community and its children. They witnessed this firsthand while growing up in the Duval County Public School System in Jacksonville, Florida. There, they received a solid foundation that helped them go on to achieve future successes in their careers – and it was attributed to the dedication and support of their teachers.

“We really wanted to give back to the school system that molded us into the people we are now. We had great teachers and administrators who were the mentors that guided us when we needed it. Donating this coffee provides the extra boost of energy to shape the next group of leaders, who we hope will give back in kind or more in the future,” said Eun Cho, Co-Founder of Haymaker.

Going Back to School

The first five schools to benefit from our partnership are close to our Founders’ hearts: Charger Academy, Chimney Lakes Elementary, Hyde Park Elementary, Westside Middle School, and Westside High School. These are the schools they attended as kids and where they gained the skills they needed to succeed.

Eun, Sang and Simon were honored to make their alma maters the first stops in our journey. Recently, we delivered several bags of Haymaker coffee and K-cup® Pods to these schools to help give teachers the energy they need. We hope it helps them to keep up the hard work as they continue to inspire growth in the lives of their students.

"We were amazed at the reception we received at each of the schools we visited! It was truly an honor to spend time reconnecting with our former elementary, middle, and high schools on the west side of Jacksonville. We could not be more thankful for the partnership with DCPS and we look forward to building upon this foundation of giving back to our community," said Simon Bitar, Co-Founder of Haymaker.

Teaches with coffee

The First Drop Is Not the Last

As part of our ongoing partnership with DCPS, Haymaker will be donating additional bags of coffee and K-cup® Pods over the next several months to schools throughout the district. We plan to contribute thousands of cups of coffee to our local educators to help them power through the day and inspire our country’s future leaders!

Follow us on social media to learn more about our future drop-offs! Want to celebrate the teachers in your life? Consider sending them a bag of Haymaker coffee to keep them swinging for the fences.