5 Best Coffee Brewing Methods for People Who Hustle:

A good cup of coffee doesn't have to be complicated. There’s nothing wrong with enjoying a fancy brew made by a barista, but the barista isn’t at your house when you need coffee the most – at the crack of dawn. There are many ways to brew coffee at home that are easy to do and make a damn good cup. Learn about different coffee brewing methods and experiment to find the best one for you!

1. The Classic Drip Coffee Maker

Brewing coffee isn’t bean surgery. Do you need a kick ass cup of joe to get you going in the morning or what? For a simple, but powerful cup of coffee, just make it with your trusty drip coffee maker.

Step 1: Start with 1 Tbsp (5g) of ground beans per 1 cup (8 fl oz or 240mL) of filtered water (add an additional Tbsp of coffee per cup of water to increase the strength and caffeine content).

Step 2: Select the appropriate strength or brew size settings on your coffee maker. Hit BREW and you’ve got what you need to take on the day.

2. Pour-Over Coffee Maker (AKA V60 or Chemex)

Want to make coffee without a standard coffee brewer? Pour over coffee typically involves manually pouring water over your coffee grounds using a filter in a specialized cone-shaped component that fits into a lower base. Sure, this isn’t as hands-free as using your standard coffee maker, but it can produce a rich and more flavorful cup – especially if you like drinking your coffee black. It’s also a great option for people with a little more time in the morning or those who have trust issues with their drip coffee maker.

Step 1: Boil water in a slow-pouring tea kettle (or whatever you have laying around) and wait two to four minutes after you turn off the heat (the ideal temperature is 195°F–205°F).

Step 2: Find a good burr grinder and work those beans to a medium grind.

Step 3: Rinse your filter with hot water and discard the water inside the base. Place 4 Tbsps (20 grams) of ground coffee beans into the top cone and slowly pour hot water in a circular motion from inside out evenly across all the coffee grounds. To determine your preferred strength, vary the volume of water starting with 8 ounces.

3. French Press

The French Press may seem out of the norm, but it has been around for centuries and can make amazingly good coffee. Since the French press doesn’t use a paper filter, you’ll be able to taste a more rich, deep flavor.

Step 1: Start with your favorite French press.

Step 2: Remove the top, add 1 Tbsp (5g) coffee grounds and 1 cup (8 fl oz or 240mL) of not-quite boiling water, then gently stir.

Step 3: Put the plunger back in but stop it before it gets to the water.

Step 4: Hang out for four minutes while the coffee steeps.

Step 5: Now, you’re ready to rumble. Press the plunger down slowly (if you press too fast, be prepared for some coffee grit) and watch the magic happen.

4. AeroPress® Coffee Maker

If you want the flavor of a French press enhanced with pressure, give the AeroPress® a try. This is a newer method that works like a French press but requires you to press the coffee through a pressure chamber. It includes a paper filter, so the only grit you’ll experience is from your own internal strength and fortitude. The AeroPress is also a good option if you’re brewing a single cup, rather than a full pot.

Step 1: Acquire an AeroPress (this is a good thing to put on your Christmas list).

Step 2: Follow the instructions that came with your AeroPress, using your preferred ratio of coffee grounds to boiling water in order to fill the chamber.

Step 3: Stir for 10 seconds.

Step 4: Press down the plunger.

Step 4: Drink it straight for espresso-like coffee or dilute with water for drip coffee. Either way, you just made yourself some amazing coffee in seconds.

5. Cold Brew

Let’s be real. We know you don’t have a whole lot of time on your hands. But if you’re willing to wait, cold brew is a really great way to make refreshing cup of coffee. Make a large batch at the start of the week and you’ll have bold-flavored cold brew ready every morning.

Step 1: Use equal parts course-ground coffee to fresh, cold water in a large pitcher.

Step 2: Give it a stir, cover it, and sit it at room temperature for up to 12-24 hours. This will produce a concentrate that you can dilute to taste or preference.

Step 3: Once your concentrate is ready, filter the coffee through a paper filter (unless you like the crunch of coffee grounds in your teeth).

Step 4: Drink over ice or dilute with cold water – or both. Add cream or sugar as desired, but it’s not necessary due to the smoothness of our Haymaker Heavyweight Dark Roast. .

Which way is best for you?

There you have it! Five ways to make coffee at home. Each of these methods is a great option and choosing one really comes down to preference. For those looking for a silky, more natural flavor, try the pour over. Want a full-bodied flavor that’s more consistent, then opt for the French press. For a bold, strong flavor, give cold brew a try. We recommend trying them all to determine which is best for you.

At Haymaker, we developed our coffee to taste great straight out of the pot, whether you use a coffee maker, press, or other contraption. Made with specialty-grade 100% Arabica beans, Haymaker will hit you with a bold, smooth flavor. With ass-kicking dark, medium and bourbon-infused roasts, Haymaker is sure to give you the boost you need to make hay all day.