Expanding our tastebuds to more than just coffee, we had the opportunity to partner with our local friends Ruby Beach Brewing Company. We were able to create a unique brew by combining their big imperial stout and our cold brew. Ruby Beach chose to use a blend of Haymaker's dark roast and bourbon barrel-aged coffees. We started by using the perfect coffee to water ratio to make our cold brew (click here to check out our step-by-step guide) which was then used to infuse the imperial stout. This resulted in a combination of big chocolate flavors from the stout and our signature bold yet smooth flavors of our coffee for the perfect end-of-the-day drink. 


Just like us, Ruby Beach Brewing Company is passionate about supporting local businesses. With goals of reaching all beer drinkers and coffee lovers, we continue to create drinks for the discerning coffee and beer connoisseurs.


Our launch event took place at Ruby Beach's downtown brewery with friends and supporters. Laughs and conversations filled the air as new connections to both coffee and beers were made. Customers, as well as staff, loved the outcome of the collaboration as it was something they had never tasted before. The response could not have been better, and we hope it keeps getting enjoyed by the Jacksonville community!